How do I know what homes are available?

Available homes are advertised from each Thursday, through to midnight the following Tuesday – this is called an ‘advertising cycle’. This gives you nearly a week to check what homes are available and to consider if they will work for you.

An advert usually tells you:

  • The location of the accommodation
  • The landlord
  • The rent
  • Any age restriction that may apply
  • Any other relevant information including any particular groups of person that will be given a priority for example, where applicants in employment are given priority

If you see a home you would like, talk it through with your family and others, including support workers for example, to help you make a decision. Some things to consider are:

  •   Is the property suitable for your needs, for example, do you need to be in ground floor accommodation?
  •   Whether you can afford the rent?
  •   Where your new home will be, is this near your work, or your support network? If you have children is it near their school?
  •   If you have a pet, will they be allowed to move with you?