What happens once I’ve placed a bid?

Once the advertising cycle has closed (midnight Tuesdays), the landlord of each available home will make a shortlist of the customers who have placed a bid.

Shortlists are made in order of:

  1. Priority Band (Band A is the highest)
  2. Whether someone is a resident or has a local connection to the borough
  3. The time someone has been in need or length of waiting time on the Housing Register

When assessing your application the landlord may ask for further information related to your housing application before offering you the property.  An offer of accommodation will not be made until this information is received.

If you have bid for a property and you have not been contacted by the landlord within 10 working days of the close of the advert, it is likely that you have not been successful in your application. It will not always possible for the landlord to contact you, if you have been unsuccessful.